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Drain problems are fairly common yet most people are unsure how to proceed after such plumbing challenges arise. Though it is quite tempting to fall into the trap of trying to fix the drain issue on your own, doing so is a mistake. If you live or work in the greater Rogers, AR area, lean on our plumbing experts to handle your drain problem. Our expertise is necessary to address the true cause of the problem and prevent subsequent drain issues from arising in the weeks and months to come. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the most common top 5 drain problems.

Drain Odor

Live in your house long enough and there is a good chance you will eventually smell something funky coming out of the drain. Food particles may be stuck in the drain. However, there is also a chance odors from the sewer are emanating through the drain. If this is the case, there is significant drainage issued that requires the attention of an experienced plumber. Furthermore, it is also possible solids have accumulated in the drain, leading to the nasty odor.

Lean on Drain-Rite Rooter in Rogers, AR for assistance and we will provide an expert assessment that reveals the true cause of the odor. In some cases, drain odor can be eliminated with comprehensive cleaning. In other cases, our plumbers must replace the broken sewer pipe to ensure drainage occurs properly.

A Slow Drain

A slow-moving drain will be tolerable for only so long. If you ignore this problem, it will eventually become a major issue, possibly becoming a clog that does not permit water to flow at all. Slow drains indicate a slew of potential problems. In particular, a slow drain is indicative of a clog. However, it is also possible the pipes have become more narrow due to obstructions such as grease or minerals that have built up over time. There is also the chance the drainage system has improper grading. Reach out to our Rogers, AR plumbers as soon as you notice your drain is slow-moving so we can address the problem before it becomes an even larger issue.

A Recurring Clog

Tree roots can grow in your sewer lateral pipes and cause clogs and breakage. Also, shower and bathtub drains are particularly prone to clogging due to the hair that falls into them during bathing. If your drain clogs over and over again, it is likely the result of failing to remove the entirety of the clog after use. Instead of attempting clog removal over and over again, lean on Drain-Rite Rooters in Rogers, AR to eliminate those pesky clogs with professional plumbing equipment. This deep cleaning ensures the problem will not arise once again in the weeks and months to come. We don’t recommend drain unclogging chemicals that you pour down drains as it can damage pipes!

Drainage System Obstruction

Tree roots have the potential to breach your drainage system. These roots grow in the direction of essential moisture, moving through the soil to the drainage system. Sadly, such roots have the potential to rupture pipes, blocking water that should move without obstruction. Such roots also have the potential to catch hair, toilet paper, food remnants and other items that go down the drain, resulting in quite a considerable clog. This plumbing challenge should only be handled by our experienced Rogers plumbers.

Multiple Drain Clogs

If your home or business has numerous drain clogs at the same time, there is likely a clog in the primary drainage system. This challenge is a project for our plumbing aficionados in Rogers, AR. Though the drain cleaning products available at the local store might provide a temporary fix, they will not address the true cause of the problem. Our plumbing team is here to address the clog in the main drain system to fully eliminate the obstruction and return your plumbing system to normal.

Drain-Rite Rooter is Here to Solve Your Top 5 Drain Problems

If you have any of the top 5 drain problems detailed above or another problem, do not attempt a DIY (do it yourself) repair. Most DIY drain repair attempts end up backfiring, sometimes making the problem even worse. Instead, do the smart thing by reaching out to Drain-Rite Rooters for professional assistance.

Give us a call at 479-250-9968 to schedule drain repair at your home or business. We proudly serve everyday people and businesses throughout the entirety of the Rogers, AR area and beyond.

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